Coffee-Theme Mobile Accessories That Are Perfect For Coffee Lovers

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Coffee lovers need their coffee every single day- they will never be able to survive a day without it. Every coffee lover knows how difficult it is to function without their power fix.  We can surely name someone that is scared to lose their coffee! If you have that type of friend, a family member, or even a partner who is sincerely serious about their coffee, chances are you will no longer worry about what to grab for them. Aside from the necessary items they need for their favorite cup of delicious drink, you won’t like to get them something that they already have right? So what should you do?

Therefore, if you would like to give them something fresh and essential to use, then you will never go wrong with Hanogram! Hanogram is an innovative global brand with personalization service for the mobile accessories of their customers. They make sure that each and every fixture they create is uniquely made for YOU.

Coffee Theme Mobile Accessories

Coffee Girl Glass Case

glass case

If your daughter, best friend, sister, or lover is one of those diehard fans of coffee, then this is a perfect gift for her! Moreover, She will surely love it because it describes her everyday mood and lifestyle- drinking coffee every single day. Aside from its cute design, Hanogram’s phone cases are:

  • Scratch-resistant
  • Made of crystal & limpid tempered glass as the material
  • Meticulously handcrafted
  • Shock-proof design
  • Compatible with wireless charging
  • Has Oleophobic coating, so it prevents fingerprints

Coffee Apple Watch Band

apple watch band

The collections of Apple Watch Bands are made from premium faux leather, and every cut and stitch is well established. The creative designs are truly stand-out and attention-grabbing on your wrist.


  • Fit for all Apple Watch 38mm / 42 mm (included Apple Watch Series 1, Apple Watch Series 2, Apple Watch Series 3, Apple Watch Nike+, Apple Watch Edition)
  • Sleek form and contemporary design give it a stand-out look
  • Made from premium faux leather
  • Apple Watch adapters included
  • Three different color options for adapters (Silver, Rose Gold & Black)
  • Every cut and stitch is well made
  • With beautiful gift box package

Coffee & Me Glass Case

glass case

With the coffee-themed phone case design, Coffee & Me Glass Case is showing how great your coffee is to your life. Hanogram’s global expert designers were initially creating phone cases. Therefore, you can assure that it wasn’t all about the adorable display presentation that made this one of a kind. Also, its 360 full protection and scratch resistance guaranteed to protect your mobile devices.

Besides, crystal and limpid tempered glass were used as its materials giving your phone a shiny and forever brand new look. With Hanogram’s goal of providing personalization service to their customers, your name is nicely handcrafted on it. It will surely compliment your taste as well as the overall look of your phone design.

As a matter of fact, fashion is our passion, every case is unique! We strive to create the most beautiful phone cases and the best protection for your device. We manufacture our custom phone cases from the highest quality materials and use state of the art printing processes. This way, you will carry around your style wherever you go. Choose Hanogram and achieve the protection and aesthetic appeal you’re looking for on your phone! Visit for more amazing designs!

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