The YOU in Designed Phone Screen Protector as a Trend

phone screen protector

It is unbelievable how people adjust to progress and create a worthy technological experience for its users. An invention like the phone completely satisfies this hunger for globalization. Now, as advances are continuous, people are inventing accessories — accessories like phone cases, phone screen protector, headset, and many more.

Aside from having phone cases, a screen protector is a must to lessen probable scratches. By having a phone screen protector, avoiding mishap is possible. Another point is, through applying for protection on your screen, it helps to attain fingerprint resistance. At the same time, it also reduces glare, which is a plus for phone users. But aside from its practical use, who says one cannot reflect their personality while using a phone screen protector?

Channeling the inner you

In the past, clear screen protectors were only made. Its primary purpose is to protect your phone from all of the possible harm that may come while using one’s phone. It is also used to protect the screen from furthering its life span. Furthermore, as development escalates, another cause is added in using a screen protector. Screen protectors now served as a medium to share a piece of you.

Clear protectors are out; a designed screen protector is in

Application of designs in screen protector created a significant impact in modernization. The use of art creates a new level of appreciation that attracts more consumers. This innovation does help in capturing the attention and at the same time, provide protection.

Moreover, the use of creative designs in a protector is a new trend. It serves as a bridge connecting one’s personality to another. Through this platform, it allows people to communicate what a person like or do not like.

Here are the top 3 Artistic Phone Screen Protectors:



Animal Design

Having an excellent way to shout-out your favorite animal is the reason for you to purchase this screen protector. There are designs such as chihuahua, pug, cat, rabbit, owl, giraffe, and many more. Select your most wanted design and start connecting to the world.


Floral Design

This design is undoubtedly perfect because it associates with a person’s femininity. The flower design is a compelling way of signaling your soft side. Many designs are released, which can complement one’s personality.


Emoji Design

Emoji or emoticon is made to express what a person is actually feeling. Now it can also be viewed through the use of a screen protector. Feel free to deliver what you think by buying this screen protector.

Curious about how this trend created change in your use of the phone? Then proceed and have one of your own. Hanogram is online retail available to satisfy the needs of a consumer and also, to improve their phone experience. In Hanogram, an artistically designed phone screen protector is readily available for purchase. Also, there are designs compatible with Huawei, iPhone, and Samsung model phones. Purchase one now and experience a whole new world of connection through screen protector. Visit us on our website by clicking here:!

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