HANOGRAM: Sweet-Themed and Adorable Bumper Phone Cases for iPhone

bumper phone cases

The perfect site to find fashionable phone cases is here. Hanogram is an online retailer for different phone accessories. They are always updated with the online trend. Their expert global designers are capable of producing trendy phone cases. Apple is one of the top-leading phone brands of this generation.

Hanogram sees to it that they produce high-quality phone cases for IPhone users. People would love to buy trendy phone accessories. Buying Apple products is pricey. Apple users knew that taking care of their pricey phones is a must. Using phone cases is one way to preserve the quality of phones.

They offer variety of phone cases in the market. There are soft cases, hard cases and bumper phone cases. In line with the trend, Hanogram produce high-quality phone cases channeling unique designs. Bumper case is useful to get rid of scratches and breakage of phone after a sudden fall.

Here are elegant designs of bumper phone cases for iPhone users with a sweet tooth:

Make Your Heart Jump with these Macarons


These cute macarons on your phone case are pleasing you. It gives a chic vibe. The colorful touch of this design will lighten up your day in an instant. This design will add colors to your gloomy day. It seems it’s telling you to search for coffee shops that offer tasty macarons. Its colorful hue will attract you to start the day with a huge smile. This design will save you from having a bad day.

Hello from this Mood-Changer Ice Cream Design

ice cream

This design will give you different tastes in ice cream. It is calling you to cool up and refrain from losing your temper. The vibe it brings is more refreshing than an ice-cold coffee. Ice cream will always be one of the best desserts. This ice cream design for a bumper case is perfect for people with a sweet personality. It flaunts the hidden sweetness inside you. Buying one will protect your phone and cheer you up at the same time.

Flaunt thy Childish Self with this Candy Design

colorful candy

We’ve got the best plan for kid-at-heart people. These lovely lollipops will poke the youthful attitude inside you. Along with your name at the back part of the phone, these lollipop candies will make you feel young again. You are never too old to buy one. Its sweet vibe will give you enough satisfaction. Share a bunch of sweetness through this lovely bumper case.

Mr. Sunny Side-up to Cheer You Up

funny egg

How can you resist a smiling egg if it pleases you? It’s a brand new day for this cute egg design. Here comes the sunshine of your heart. This unique design will cheer you up every single day. Channeling black and white background, Mr. Egg is reminding you one thing. Whether it’s a dark or bright day for you, share a smile. Buying one will brighten up your day.

Get your sweet-themed bumper phone cases for iPhone now at Hanogram. Visit our website www.hanogram.com.

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