Editor’s Pick of January – Mysterious Galaxy


Talking about the galaxy – Are you among those people who have the heart for universes? In the astounding edition of Editor’s pick for the first month of the year, you will surely fall in the abyss of these customized phone cases. Thus, if you are a galaxy enthusiast, then you should definitely take a look at these varieties of galaxy-inspired cases!

Blue As The Color of the Year: An Introduction to the Constellations of Galaxy Phone Cases Perfect for This Year’s Theme

Moving on, here is the color of the blue to highlight these personalized phone cases. Pantone announced that Classic Blue will take over the stage of colors in leading 2020’s shade. It gives the feeling of serenity and mystery. One perfect example is the ambiance of the galaxy that makes you wonder what lies beneath it. Sometimes, it can be the constellations at night that make the whole blue sky so starry and bright. Thus, who wouldn’t want these lovely galaxy phone cases?

Carving the Bits of Celestial Bodies on Hanogram’s Phone Cases

Time to unwrap the Hanogram’s Mysterious Galaxy collections inspired by the theme of a galaxy! Here, you may find them on the bumper case, glass case, Apple Watch bands, and wireless chargers. You can also put your own name on cases. That makes your phone indeed made and customized for you – just like how you sometimes wonder about creating your own mysterious galaxy.

Stardust Frosted Bumper Case

For sure, you had one of those moments where you would just look up at night and admire the stars above. While the moon was glowing, the whole dark blue sky gave emphasize to each constellation around. Such kind of scene is indeed perfect, right? Well, how about if you can actually hold that exact scenario on your phone case? Get this Stardust Frosted Bumper Case now!


Dazzling Faces of the Moon Apple Watch Bands

Who wouldn’t love the moon? For sure, everyone does. The only thing is – there are just a few nights monthly where you can see the beauty of it at different times and phases. How about a little bit of twist so you wouldn’t miss it for a long time? Have these Dazzling Faces of the Moon Apple Watch Bands!


You are magical Frosted Bumper Case

Ever wonder how magical it would be if you can easily travel across different galaxies? What a way to imagine this despite the impossibilities. But still, you can make other things possible in reality – like this “You Are Magical” frosted bumper case! Get yours now and continue to wonder about the depths of the universe!

You are magical Frosted Bumper Case

StarWarsless Charger

If you are fond of stars, this is absolutely made for you! Even in your wireless charger, never forget to let people know how much you adore stars. Time is running out but you don’t have to run! This StarWarsless Charger will come at you once you get to check it out!

Star Wireless Charger.jpg

Moon Wireless Charger

Here’s to another vibe as if the blue moon is alive with this Moon Wireless Charger. Other than the bluish shade that gives off the 2020 feels, it is intended to make your charging routine fast and easy! Have it now and welcome another year with a brand new beginning!

Moon Wireless Charger.JPG

2020 also has an astronomical wonder of the galaxy: a group of binary star systems will explode and become supernovas, which is rare to us because it is visible to the naked eye for the whole year. Therefore, Hanogram will launch a special exceptional design of Mysterious Galaxy Collection this year. If you are interested to discover the mystery of galaxy with us, please follow our updates, we promise that it will be a huge surprise to everyone! Go ahead and stop thinking twice about visiting www.Hanogram.com for more amazing choices of phone accessories!


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