Enticing Modern Marble-ous Designs for Your Customised Phone Cases

Marbles can be seen in many abstract artworks from around the world, they are indeed gorgeous to stare at. Now, imagine what could be this mesmerizing design does for your phone. With these customized cases, you can bring the elegance of marble wherever you go.

The look of marble is dazzling. Hanogram’s customized marble phone cases give you all the aesthetic beauty of marble without any of the hard work needed to polish it.

Level up Your Phone’s Elegance with Myriads of Modern Marble Styles

These customised phone cases have some of the most exquisite designs you will ever see. Your phone will be the talk of the town once you have their covers crafted with much sophistication. It can even scream with class because of its refined façade and finest texture. Therefore, now is the perfect moment to give your phone a new elegant home with these marble inspired customised phone cases.

Timeless Feels of Black And White

Anyone would surely throw their attention with this catchy style of the marble-designed phone case. Cliché but the mixture of black and white here makes this case look modern at the same time, classic. This timeless color scheme will give your phone the edge it needs to help you have your own statement.

White And Black Marble Frosted Bumper Case

Into The New Marble Galaxy

This Black Marble Frosted Case is an aesthetic masterpiece. Beyond the usual marble artwork, this customised phone case has a space-like aura that brings the best of both worlds. Enjoy the feeling of having this superb design on the back of your phone today!

Black Marble Frosted Bumper Case

Artistic Marble With A Touch of Modernity

Another one of our customised phone cases features this artistic marble design. This one style is soft on the eyes and pleasing to look. The abstract pattern on the marble is comparable to planets aligned as one. With this magnificent design on your phone cases, you will surely be getting compliments left and right about it.

Artistic Marble I Frosted Bumper Case

Turn Your Apple Watch Bands To A New Level

In looking for a watch band, make sure it is something that could match up with your style. This freshly made edition of Hanogram’s modern marble design would totally suit your preference! Be one of the first customers who can have it today!


Create Your Own Signature Watch Bands

Have that dazzling feel when you finally have this cool and amazing Apple watch bands! Whatever your preferred style is, you would absolutely love wearing this modern marble-themed watch band scream in pink shade. Don’t hesitate and get yours today!


Hanogram just launched more modernise designs with marble, for phone accessories to suit your unique and creative style. These designs will surely be a fantastic addition to your phone’s aesthetic appeal. To know more, please visit our website www.Hanogram.com. What are you waiting for? Go now to find yours now!

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