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It’s the time for loving hearts again! Everyone knows that the most popular event in February is Valentine’s Day. Couples, flowers, gifts, and sweets – these all speak and scream for the essence of the said event. Those with their loved ones and partners are probably in a dilemma, thinking of a perfect gift to declare their love. However, did anyone has come to the thought of “Self-Love” or “Love Myself” mood for February?

And why not, right? “To Love Yourself Better, So You Can Love Others Better” – there is surely nothing wrong with loving yourself more. Self-love is essential, and you should never disregard the chance of making yourself a priority before anything else. Thus, whether it is the day of relationship-goals-scenarios or ordinary one – don’t be afraid to express your real feelings! Flaunt your inner expressions with Hanogram’s customised phone cases every day!

Your Ultimate Backup For Your Everyday’s Mood

Hanogram’s Mood Industry collection got many excellent designs for representing different moods, including the bumper case, glass case, Apple Watch bands, wireless chargers, etc. By adding your name to these designs, you will absolutely have the chance to express yourselves through the most convenient and stylish way.

Whether you are in a relationship or enjoying the status of being a single, these customised phone cases are the best options to describe your moods timely. Thus, on this coming Valentine’s Day, be brave enough to reveal your own mood statement! Hanogram will pave the way for you and your inner feeling’s voices! 

Paint My SELF Love

Want something simple but have the most stunning shot? This brush paint inspired frosted bumper case will change your typical style phone case! Paint yourself with something you really deserve to have. Hence, give your phone the perfect case it needs!


Houndstooth For A Solo-Flight Mood

If you are up for something organized and well-patterned design, then this Houndstooth customised phone case is your ultimate destiny! Unleash your unique character by dressing up your phone with this all-time favorite style! Enjoy the moment with yourself as you have it wherever you go! Buy yours today!

Houndstooth Frosted Bumper Case

Abstract Style For Your Mood Swings

For sure, you have one of those moments when you can’t explain where your emotions are coming from. Unexplainable yet everything you feel is all valid – just like this abstract style phone case. Hence, when you don’t actually know what is going on with your mood, just show it and be proud still!


Watch Your Magical Mood of The Day

Have you ever felt a magical kind of feeling? Something that makes you afloat wherever you stand with. Whatever it is – this surely makes your mood so light, blissful, and delighted. On this Magical watercolor themed Apple Watch bands, wear the bright emotions you have for a day! Get your timely, magical mood now!


Perfect Match For Yourself!

Self-care doesn’t mean you are only allowed to stay being alone and focus solely on it. You are also entitled to get yourself the perfect match while focusing on loving yourself better. It doesn’t need to be someone or anyone. This Matching stripes Apple watch bands best describe your most-awaited partner in life! Grab yours today!


The month of February loudly screams at anything related to loving hearts and sweet nothings. But if you are not among those madly in love couples – worry not! Our Hanogram’s Mood Industry collections are always here to help you unleash your daily expressions! So, what are you waiting for? Grab yours now and visit www.hanogram.com for more variety of designs!

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