Create Your Own Signature with Hanogram’s Floral-Inspired Customised Phone Cases and Apple Watch Bands

Flowers are like colorful paintings that can be seen in grass-fields, sidewalks, and sometimes, even inside your own home. They bring a sense of delight and serenity when you see them. But this time, they come with stylish scripts for more personalized phone cases that surely add sparks to the beauty of floral. Now, imagine having these beautiful delights imprinted onto your phone case. Isn’t that appealing?

These customised phone cases and other accessories can accompany your phone wherever you go. You can flash your own signature style with these artistic masterpieces any way you want. Thanks to Hanogram, you can now have these gorgeous blooms on your hands! 

Paint Your Phone with Petals

It’s time to upgrade your phone and dress it up in a variety of colors. Much like wearing your favorite fancy dresses, why not let your gadgets wear floral signature cases, too?

A Splash of Red & White

The Floral POP Frosted Bumper Case provides a level of sophistication that no other phone case could match. With a minimalist look having elegant hues and intimate script, you could easily pair it up with your favorite outfit of the day.

Floral POP Frosted Bumper Case

A Mysterious Beauty

The crafts of Floral Frosted Bumper Case has risen into a new level of class – a dark field painted with an artsy design of flowers and a creative style of scribbling. It’s time to raise your standards when your phone wears this case.

Crafts Of Floral II Frosted Bumper Case

A Quick Garden Stroll

The Glamorous Garden Frosted Bumper Case emits a natural vibe of sweetness. With its pink field painted with leaves and roses, you could feel as if you are walking through a beautiful garden of your comfort zone.

Glamorous Garden Frosted Bumper Case

Lay Down Your Phone on Exquisite Bed of Floral

You need to choose the best for your phone’s needs – may it be for its safety or battery life. And that’s why wireless chargers are here. These floral-inspired wireless chargers are intended to be the bed of your phone while charging. Let’s walk you through the field of magnificent flowery scripts!

Lov-MARBLE Flower Charger

Anything with marble designs has a stunning and marvelous impact. Being paired with the stylish script, it will surely stand out the most. This is not just your typical wireless charger, so you might as well stop hesitating on buying it.

Marble And Exquisite Flowers Wireless Charger

Everything Exquisite Is The Best

You will surely stop for a while once you see this garden-like wireless charger. With its unique style of writing that looks like swaying flower stems, it is definitely worth the stare. See it for yourself and be enticed with its majestic vibes!

Exquisite Flowers II Wireless Charger

Wear a Garden on Your Wrist

Apart from your phone cases, you could upgrade your Apple watch bands, too. Check out these elegant and flowery designs from our selection of Floral Signature Apple watch bands.

Blooming Beauty in the Night

This Garden in Apple watch bands lets you take a glimpse of the rainforest as you wear it. With colorful designs of shrubbery in a dark field, it promotes a classy and stylish look for your favorite Apple watch bands. 

Garden In Rainforest APPLE WATCH BANDS

A Country Girl’s Look

The Rustic Garden Apple watch bands provide a feel of the countryside whenever you wear it. With a classic, rustic design painted on a white field, you can almost smell the air from the country every time you see it.

Rustic Garden Apple Watch Bands

With the magnificent feeling these various floral designs bring, it’s time to level up your style and bring forth the queen in you. You can also mix and match your personal style with Hanogram’s customised phone cases, and you can still achieve that dashing look for the whole day. Want to look for more designs that could complement your personal fashion choice? Check out for more surprising options! 

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